Are Meghan Markle & Prince Harry better in LA? Why did they really leave the Royal Family?

People are still going on about the fact that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry moved to Los Angeles. The same people are still wondering why they have done. They seemed to be convinced the move to Los Angeles was a bad idea because LA is Paparazzi infested area. And the Sussex are therefore not going to find the peace that they’re looking for.

Image of Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle in Los Angeles California

As per the same haters, the sussex were not chased in England and there were no paparazzi.  if any paparazzi there were, They never posted any pictures they took of the couples in tabloids.

The issue was never the existence or non-existent of paparazzi. The issue was how the couple was treated in the press. The issue was that couple was scrutinized and unfairly criticized all the time in the tabloid press.

They couldn’t do anything without the press knowing and without the press digging deeper to see for example how much they had paid for their romantic hotel stay. Most of the criticism was based on so-called royal sources who were giving information and mostly wrong information to the media.

So now that they’re in Los Angeles they’re protected from that crowd and are away from the palace sources, the so called royal sources and royal correspondent who would often give fake information about Prince Harry and his wife.

Now they have that peace of mind they were looking for. Megan is no longer alone, isolated in her little and cold frogmore cottage in Windsor. How boring her life might have been in that remote place.

Imagine being young, not being able to go out, and having to stay in that same depressing cottage every day. She has lived with Harry for three years in England but it didn’t go well. Now it’s harry turn to sacrifice a bit and live with his wife for the sake of their mental health, for the sake of their marriage.

 Now in Los Angeles, which is where, she comes from, she feels like herself again. Meghan Markle comes from Los Angeles. That’s where she was born and raised, where she has friends and family. That’s where Mom Doria lives and that’s home.  So, she’s with loved ones, she’s in her environment.

People who criticize do not get it or they don’t want to get it. All they do is just that, criticise, because they hate the duchess of Sussex. She and her husband Harry have made their choice. Like any family in England the made the choice to move abroad for the sake of their own little family.

Now they are happy in Los Angeles. They are happy to be where they are not being constantly judged. They are happy to be with people they love. They are happy to be free at last. The couple has that relaxed attitude they did not have while living in England.

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