Did Meghan Markle really dump ex boyfriend and chef Cory Vitiello for Prince Harry?

Megan Markle has found an unlikely supporter and this supporter is none other than Joanne Vitiello. Who she?  She is the mother of the celebrity chef who Megan dated when she was living in Canada. His name is Chef Cory Vitiello, and they dated for two years prior to her marrying Harry.

They actually dated from 2014 up until May 2016. Then she met Prince Harry a few months later.  She met Prince Harry through a mutual friend.

Image of Meghan Markle and chef and ex boyfriend Cory Vitiello

OK, lets talk!

Joanne the mother of chef Vitiello has now come to Megan Markle defense. You might know by now that there’s a petition out there, a petition that was started by an MP in the U.K . It is more a letter of support and 72 women MPs signed that letter.

The letter of support or petition is created to denounce the unfair portrayal or reporting on Megan Markle and the racist undertone that it had. And when the news reached Canada, which is where Joanne Vitiello lives, she wrote on her Twitter account, “It’s about time. So sad and shocking that there’s so much jealousy, hostility and bullying directed her way”.

When she says her, she’s referring to Megan Markle, of course.

Meghan Markle dated Canadian chef Cory Vitiello from 2014 to April 2016

The real story behind their break up.

When I saw that, I was so happy and I’m going to tell you why. Usually mothers in law and daughters in law don’t have a good relationship, especially when the daughter in law ends up breaking up with their son.

The mother in law and daughters in law end up having no relationship at all, once the couple has separated.  And when this happens, the mother in law usually would not praise their daughter in law and would be very critical of her (depending of the circumstances). They would tend to say something bad about the ex girlfriend who left the son.

Meghan Markle

 But, in this case, we have the total opposite. We have an ex mother in law Joanne, who is praising Mehgan markle, who is defending her. And this, after she left the celebrity chef.

What does this tell us?

 It is very telling of someone’s good character when her or his ex future mother in law sings praise of her or him and comes to her/his defense despite the fact that his/her are no longer with their son.

Joanne would have made a lot of money, had she said horrible stuff about Megan. she would have been paid Thousands of dollars by some tabloids such as The Daily Mail or The Sun, just for her to say horrible stuff or invent negative stories.

She could have been paid a lot just like Thomas Markle and some other members of the Markle family who were paid by the press to say horrible stuff about Megan and became famous just for that.

Canadian Chef Cory Vitiello

Saying praise about Megan won’t make Joanne win any  popularity  contest or is not going to make her famous.  Joanne Vitiello  is surely  a good woman who does not want to invent or create fake news just to fit people’s agenda.

That woman has just said wonderful things about Megan, and it’s very telling of Meghan’s own character. It is also a reminder of what has been said before, which is that Megan Markle is truly and is genuinely a nice person.  

What about Prince Harry then?

Prince Harry and Wife Meghan Markle

While we are at it, we also going to settle the rumor that has been  going around for years and which says  that Megan Markle was still dating the chef when she met Harry.

Joanne Vitiello, the mother of the chef had said in a previous interview to the daily mail  that Meghan and her son had already separated when Megan met Prince Harry.

You can find that interview here

 But it seems that some people don’t want to know the thruth. They keep repeating the same fake news again and again, just to justify their sick and twisted agenda.

Meghan Marke WAS NOT dating Corey Vitiello when she met Prince Harry.

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