Is Meghan Markle Pregant again?

Megan Markle and Prince Harry, have just arrived in South Africa the first picture of them together visiting townships in that country in Cape Town just hit the newspapers. The couple look thrilled to be among the who gave them a warm welcome. This is definitely a change to what they are accustomed to back in England.

What to say about their visit?

What has struck me is the fact not only is Meghan beautiful, but her figure is also a bit different to how it was a few weeks ago.

She was slimmer a month and a half ago but now, she sports a fuller figure and  it looks as if she’s pregnant. Is this possible that Megan Markle is pregnant again?  Is it possible to be pregnant that fast after having the first baby?

I’m not sure because I don’t have a child, but it just look as if she’s pregnant. The belly area seems swollen, is looks like there is a baby bump there. Moreover, her boobs seem to be bigger than a few weeks back.

It might just be the result of having just given birth. Afterall  baby Archie is only five months old, she might still be nursing him. Also, perhaps  she Is not in a rush to lose weight or regain her figure pre archie. And it might also take time to shift the extra weight..

However, when I look at the pictures, to me it looks as if she is pregnant again. I do hope so and I believe Meghan and Harry feel the same. Hopefully this time it will be a girl.

Finally, will there be two royal princesses who are pregnant at the same time?

This very interesting because there have been talks about the Duchess of Cambridge who is also said to be expecting. That said, what will happen if both of Princesses are pregnant at the same time?

who’s going to announce it first? Is it going to go by ranks?

Will Meghan have to wait that Kate the future queen of England announce the big news first?

Anyway, what also struck me is how natural Prince Harry is with children. He definitely get on well with them. He loves kids.

How Youtube video:

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