Is Meghan Markle’s clothing collection with John lewis expensive? Who can afford it?

I want to talk about Meghan Markle patronage of Smart Work and the fact that her successful capsule collection in collaboration with John Lewis and other retailers has received criticism, most of it from people who it seems have not understood the concept.

If the concept behind that clothing line is understood across the board, a few people out there seem to be confused about the purpose of it. Some of the critics have said that most items in the collections are excessively expensive and have added that they did not think the masses could afford it. According to them the unreasonable price point defeated the purpose of it being for charity.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex with one of Smart Works recipient who modeled items in her clothing line.

First, it is important to explain the contex of this collaboration.  Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex approached last year major retailers in the UK such as John Lewis, Mark and Spencer and Jigsaw, to discuss about how they could bring their contribution to smart works, the charity she was supporting.

They all agreed to create within a partnership a capsule collection in collaboration with Misha Nonoo, the Duchess’ friend  and designer. That capsule collection name the Smart Set, was to be sold in stores around the country with the understanding that for every item sold, one identical will be donated to Smart Works.

What does Smart Works do?

So, what does smart works do? Smart Works is a charity that helps women who are looking for work and who need support.

HRH Meghan Markle at work at one of SMart Works Locations

That support can take many forms: the charity provides for example one on one coaching sessions (for interviews preparation) and they also provide clothing for women who do not necessary attire to wear when invited for an job interview.  That’s where Meghan’s help comes into play. Megan as patron to the charity reached out to these retailers and the clothing line is the product of that collaboration.

Who is this collection for?

While many industry pundits have praised the duchess for her work, other people have said that having a bag sold at 100 British Pounds is way too expensive and that they could find cheaper elsewhere.

  It will be good to clarify who this collection is for. This collection is for those who can afford it. Not everybody will be able to afford items in the Smart Set collection and I am sure the duchess is well aware of that.  

That said, these items are not totally out of the reach of everyone. A big chunk of the population shops at the retailers who have participated to that scheme and these people are used to paying the prices offered by these chains .  Many people in England can afford that kind of prices hence the existence of John Lewis, jigsaw and Mark and Spencer.

The Smart Set Prices

Put simply, more than a few will be able to afford it and those who will buy one of the items in that collection will be happy to know that they are contributing to a valuable cause. at the end of the day that is all that matters.

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