Is Royal baby Archie too white? How does the one drop rule affect him?

Well, we finally got to see Baby Archie, and he was presented to the public in South Africa by his parents. We’ve been waiting for him for so long. To be honest, I was curious to see who we looked like, whether it’s Megan or Prince Harry. I don’t think I was the only one in that respect. Many fans of the royal family and the royal couple were eager to know Archie Harrison looked like.

That said, the only issue is some strange people have pushed that curiosity to the point that it has become nasty. They have gone as far as to ask why baby Archie is so white and say that she doesn’t have any of Megan’s African American genes.

This prompted me to write this piece.  First, when talking about Megan Markle, one has to keep in mind that she is both white and black. So let’s say that even if the black genes were not showing on him, he’d still have her genes because she’s half white as well.

Meghan Markle is not black, she is biracial. She is both black and white.

it’s very odd that someone asks questions about baby Archie being black or showing African American facial features when he’s actually three quarter white and only a quarter black.

There’s been talk of him register as a black person under the one drop rule. a rule that was in effect during slavery, which meant that if you had one drop of black blood, you were categorized as black, seen as black.

while this was valid a century ago,  it is no longer accepted as a rule. We now live in a multicultural society and everyone has a bit of everything. Therefore, we no longer are full black or 100 per cent white. We are all mixed to some degree. You can sometime come across people who are super dark, But when you look at their family tree, you will find that one of their parents, ancestors was of a different race. Maybe their grandma was white, but they have a very dark complexion but it doesn’t mean that they are fully black. they might be accepted as black because physically, they looks black, but genetically, they are mixed.

Model Tyson Beckford is part Chinese

To conclude this while Prince Archie is not black, he is not white either. The better term for him is mixed, not biracial. He is three quarter white and one quarter black. Because of his light skin, his economic background and his rank in society he will be accepted as white.  Race has become for some a social construct.

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