Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lifestyle seem to be a problem but not what you think.

Meghan and Harry as part of the royal family are accustomed to a certain lifestyle yet the fact that they enjoy that life seem to bother lot of people.

Meghan and harry attended Meghan’s good friend Misha Nonoo’ s wedding to mike Hess. The wedding was taking place in Rome Italy where the couple arrived last Thursday.

Image of Misha Nonoo and husband Mike Hess.
Misha Nonoo and husband Mike Hess.

Meghan and Harry stayed in a luxury hotel in the central Rome.  The hotel is a high-end one with prices of suites starting around 1000 or so dollars.

The so well informed Daily Mail published in its website pictures of the and one of the rooms the Sussexes is said to have stayed in. the room was beautiful with a breathtaking view of Rome. The couple is said to have paid 1200 British pounds for a night stay in the suite, which is about 1400 dollars.

Prince Harry and wife Meghan arrive at Misha Nonoo’s wedding

Needless to say that the mention of the cost of the room with the added were enough to send the readership of this tabloid wild. The comment section was littered with insults and other abuse language thrown at the couple.

What seem to annoy the critics so much?

It seems that many people are annoyed that not only Meghan and Harry travelled to Italy but they were also annoyed at the fact that the couple were able enjoy the kind of luxury that was showcased on the site. With one of the critics saying that as the 6th in the line to the throne, prince harry should not have access to such luxury.

This is the suite Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stayed in Italy.

This made ponder and ask why the outrage? Because, after all, he’s the second son of the future king of England, so we wouldn’t expect them to stay in a travel lodge.

Besides those who are quick to criticize did not seem so upset when Prince William and Kate Middleton went to the Mustique for a 2 weeks vacation that is said to have cost well above the hundred thousand pounds.

 It is also best to remind people that the Prince and his wife attended the wedding as a private capacity and because of that, any expense incurred during their stay will not be covered by taxpayers’money.   

Secondly, Meghan and Harry are wealthy in their own right. Therefore, they have the money to sustain that kind of living.

 Before marrying Harry and joining the royal family, Meghan worked as a tv actress and her job required her to travel and therefore to stay often in luxury hotels. It is not the first time either that Prince harry is enjoying a stay at such high-end hotel but it seems that it only become an issue when his wife Meghan Markle came on board.

Yes, people will point out the fact that Meghan and Harry so called constant lecturing of people and how people should live, made people pay more attention at their own action. What I would say is that, Meghan and harry can lecturers us however they want, you are the free will to listen or not to listen at all.  The choice is yours.

 I think people are very envious of the couple and their happiness. I am sure that if the critics had that money, they would have enjoyed the same perks or luxury lifestyle.  

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