Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s war against the tabloids?

 Here is my take on the situation.

Prince Harry has just announced that he will be suing the Daily Mail parent company. this comes after a campaign of constant harassment from the press. Not the press in general, but a specific tabloid press such as The Daily Mail, The Sun and the Mirror. These tabloid have been attacking Princess Meghan and Prince Harris since they got married. They attacked Meghan almost daily and she is accused of being responsible for everything under the sun.

Image of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry holding hands.
Prince Harry holds his wife’s hand.

The Daily Mail printed a story about the lawsuit in their newspaper, explaining to their readership  that the prince and the princess were going after the press. Megan and Harry are not attacking the press. They’re attacking the Daily Mail and other tabloids, because they seem to be hell bent on spreading lies about them.  These tabloids have gone full force against the couple and are trying to destroy their character.

Meghan and Prince Harry in South Africa

What is really at stake here. Why is Prince Harry really complaining about?

What The Daily Mail doesn’t understand is that while they are printing these lies, they don’t know how their readership might react. The readership of Daily Mail (most of It right wing racists) seems to be full of hatred against Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Just reading the comments that are posted on the tabloids website should make anyone’s skin crawl. Hateful comments directed at Meghan Markle are printed and posted regularly. Some have gone as far as to call for them to disappear altogether and this worrying. And seeing what happened before with Princess Diana it is all to normal that prince harry wants it to stop.

Some People have say that there is no harm in criticism couple. And some have gone as far as to add that because they foot the bill for the couple’s lifestyle, they have the right to say things about them, to criticize them.  Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with criticizing them, but attacking them them or their character is not right.

Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle are at the receiving end of a hateful campaign?

If you take the time to read comments on these Web sites you will read about Meghan being a whore, about Megan being a gold digger. Megan being a witch etc…  That’s not right. Yes, we are paying for them, but this doesn’t give you the right to attack them.  It is just like saying that because your boss pays your salary, he or she has the right to bully you. He or she has the right to say mean things to you. However, there’s a law against that.

I think that Prince Harry is right to make a stand against any kind of bullying, whether online, or in life, because this kind of bullying can cost people’s life. It’s about people being fed lies and people growing angry at the couple.  and maybe if pushed enough the might be able to do stuff they wouldn’t have done if they hadn’t read these lies in the first place.

So, good for Harry and Megan for standing for themselves and to say that they want to protect their family.

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