Serena William defends Meghan Markle. She took Archie to New-York to watch the US Open. Will those who criticized her APOLOGIZE NOW?

We learnt a few months ago that Megan had gone to visit Serena Williams in New York City while she was playing at the U.S. Open.  She took her time out of her schedule to go and visit a friend who was playing at the final of the women’s tennis game. At the time, she was heavily criticized for her decision to travel there to visit a friend rather than staying with her baby.

Meghan Markle during Serena Williams’ semi final match.

People were criticizing her because, according to the press, she had left Archie alone at home with Prince Harry. So all Megan Markle’s detractors, trolls and haters were after her commenting angrily on how an awful mother she was  to leave Archie alone and not being with him and not being able to breastfeed him.

So now or we get to hear a different story. I have to say that these stories were published in The Daily Mail and those comments were made by Daily Mail readers all over the world and especially in the U.K.

Serena Williams’account of Meghan Markle’s trip to New York

Meghan Markle and Serena William’s friendship dates back to 2010

Now another testimony contradicts that rumor and this is thanks to Serena Williams’s account of the trip. Serena Williams gave an interview yesterday during which she talked about her friends Meghan Markle. Serena was talking about how she feels about Meghan and she was praising her being a good friend and for her loyalty to her.

Serena went on to explain that Meghan was so loyal that she took one day out of her schedule to come and see her play at the U.S. Open. Moreover, what was more extraordinary was that she brought Baby Archie with her.

Why are they trying to paint Meghan Markle as a bad mom?

This part left me completely flabbergasted because we were all under the impression that Meghan had traveled without baby Archie.  The media in the U.K and in the world made a big fuss about that and Meghan was cast as a bad mother.

In addition, to hear now that Archie was actually with her all along is crazy. Because of these lies Meghan had to suffer the most inhumane treatment in social media some people called her all the names in the dictionary, she was called a bad and unfit mom.

Meghan Markle with husband and baby

I really feel sorry for her now. People who went so cowardly after her should be ashamed and should think about how they treat her and this based on what is written on the press. They keen on taking lies for fact. This ties up to Meghan and Harry’s interview in which they complained that the press is unfair on the way they report about them because most of the stories are fabricated.

They created the story about Megan traveling alone when they all knew from the start that she was traveling with Archie. But they do this because they want to paint a bad image Meghan. It is character assassination.

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