Why are people so obsessed with Meghan Markle’s Hair?

Why are people so obsessed with Meghan Markle’s hair. Some People have been picking on everything about Meghan Markle.  Whether it’s her weight, even if she’s just given birth or whether, or it’s the way she smiles. And in this case we are going to focus on criticism about her hair.

Image of Meghan Markle at Remembrance day
Meghan Markle at Remembrance day

People have said repeatedly that Meghan’s hair looks greasy. They always make comments on how untidy and un-kept they look, even if it looks perfectly fine if you ask me.  Meghan’s hair is straight and very polished for her type. But why do these trolls keep saying that her hair doesn’t fall in line, That Her hair is completely out of control? That It’s in her in her face all the time?  

Here’s the thing, what people fail to understand is that the type of hair that Meghan has is not the same as yours or mine. Therefore, we should not compare our hair to that of Meghan. This is because the duchess of Sussex is part, black.  Megan is a mixed race person and she’s supposed to have both black and white hair. Her hair is very curly and she had straighten it to have it fall flat on her chest.

What's with Meghan Markle's hair?
What’s with Meghan Markle’s hair?

 Her type of hair is completely different to white people’s hair. Some of us have very straight hair that falls flat and down. Caucasian hair (for the most) doesn’t have any kind of frizz and doesn’t need to be brushed or straighten all the time. With African/black hair, there is always a string coming out of nowhere unless products have been applied to make it sleek.

People make these comments because they are uneducated on other people’s hair, non Caucasian hair. Yet they comment and compare every other person’s hair, with their hair, negating the fact that we are not all the same.

meghan is mixed race and she has mild African American/black hair type. So, it is only too normal that her hair will never look like that of kate Middleton, will never look like my hair or your hair.

So if you are guilty of judging our favorite Duchess hair, please stop doing so.

Meghan Markle during a tv show.

Also, do we have to look Polished at all time? Being too perfect becomes boring after a certain time. So maybe her hair is what makes her human. we don’t have to look like models all the time and this would apply to Meghan too. There should be something coming out that reminds us that we are all human beings.

I know she represents the queen. I know she is supposed to be the perfect representative of the royal family. But then, after all, member of royal families are human beings as well. Just like you and I,  they have their good and bad days. This ties in what Harry was saying when he talked about how emotional he was and how all the criticism from the media and tabloids press were affecting him and his wife. So please be sensible when your comment or you criticize Meghan’s head.

Image of mehan Markle in the kitchen
Meghan Markle’s hair is fine

 Just remember that it’s not because you have a type of hair that falls in line and that’s very sleek and straight that other people will have the same. We have we have different ethnicities, we have different backgrounds

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